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South and Central America, Southeast Asia, Africa

This disease’ incubation period is 1-3 weeks.
After being bitten by an infecting mosquito, patients will feel cold, have a headache, have a dry mouth and get a high fever.

Having a fit break their red corpuscles in the blood and have an attack of anemia.

Falciparum malaria causes patients to vomit blood and produce jaundice.
If patients don’t see a doctor soon, they get a cerebral malaria, renal failure and pulmonary edema.

The source of infection is bacillus sent by an infecting mosquito called malaria mosquito.

The source of disease caused by inflecting mosquito such as Malaria is not inflected water.
But mosquitoes lay spawn in pool of water.
In developing country, there is not water supply and sewage system.
So there are a lot of pools of water.

Ground onset of the disease