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Why the tap water tastes "bad"?

Tap water is indispensable to your life.
As one of the life line, tap water has become indispensable.
However, if I say the image of tap water ...
"Bad taste"
"Chlorine smell will"
is like as it which about only bad images, isn't it?
In this, to buy mineral water instead of tap water, or by installing a water purifier is not so rare case.
It is bad and so far、we could think "Is it really safe is tap water?"
However, tap water is definitely it is a "safe".
Tap water in accordance with the laws of the Water Law, so as to satisfy the following conditions have been treated according to the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare agreed rules.

Water Supply Act
Article IV  The water supplied by the water supply shall be provided with the requirements listed in the following items.
T  That it does not include an articles which are contaminated with pathogens or are suspected to be so, and involve a risk to human health.
U  It does not contain cyanide, mercury and other toxic substances.
V  It does not contain substances that exceed the allowable amount of copper, iron, fluorine, and other phenol.
W  That do not exhibit abnormal acidic or alkaline.
X  That there is no abnormal smell. However, except for the smell caused by disinfection.
 Appearance, it is almost colorless and transparent.

Please try to pay attention to such representations and no problem if not exceed the "capacity", or notation that you do not need to understand everything, and have no choice about the "smell caused by disinfection."
Do you understand?
That is, although they meet the criteria, and odor of chlorine smell are you.
And, these are to be allowed.
It is something that is at a level In summary, although tap water is safe and meets the criteria, it is not a little "bad and it is said," for the people yet.
So, in order to eliminate this "bad", what do you have that would have been implemented.