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More stringent water quality objectives

I have discussed that although the value of tap water meets water quality standards, to the previous page is that it is not a taste to satisfy people.
Do we look like any water quality standards related palatability, to safety. I will post the table below.

(Excerpt from the Ordinance of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare Ministry on Water Quality Standards) water quality standards

(As established by their own Waterworks Chiba) target value of water quality standards


Residual chlorine:Value indicating whether the chlorine that was used to sterilize tap water, or tap water remains in the much disappear without.
Keeping more than 0.1 mg / L are required by law always.

Odor intensity:Threshold Odor Number are those evaluated in six stages 0-5 the intensity of the odor. smell is weak, "2" smell that can be sensed at last, "1" odorless
"0". Therefore, "1"
time will be approximately equal to that which is odorless.

2-MIB:Stands methylisoborneol - 2. Substances that cause the musty odor.

Geosmin:A type of organic compound. With the smell of the ground after it rains.

TOC:Total Organic Carbon.Indicates the amount of organic matter contained in the water. Indicators of water quality management.

Chromaticity:Excluding the brightness of the light color. Those represented in this volume. In this case, it refers to light that passes through the water.

Turbidity:Represents the degree of turbidity of water. Reference value of tap water is less than 2 degrees.

Total trihalomethanes:Trihalomethanes tap water that was generated by the reaction (mainly phytoplankton) chlorine and organic matter in the raw water to be used for disinfection.

That is the main thing that these numbers will determine the taste of tap water safety.
Standards and the Ordinance of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare Ministry, the target value of Waterworks Chiba Prefecture significantly different numbers I am clear.
Inspecting the quality of tap water attentive regular daily, in Chiba Prefecture Waterworks, we have to strengthen the monitoring of water quality.
We have been able to update as well as a more precise instrument, a device that constantly monitor the water quality information residual chlorine, color, turbidity, and pH, to strengthen the monitoring of water quality due to the new expansion. Even when we were happy to visit, advanced inspection has been made ??by the latest testing equipment.
In addition, in the center of the water quality is that we make every effort to get to 2007 the most advanced ISO/IEC17025 international standard for laboratories to continue this in the future, greater confidence and trust can be obtained.