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Advanced purification treatment facilities(Ozone contact basins)

To achieve the goal of water quality proprietary set stricter than water quality standards of the country, carried out such research and study of water treatment advanced, Waterworks, Chiba Prefecture, he is pursuing efforts to make water "delicious safer" in the water purification plant underneath.
Among them, we introduce advanced water treatment on this page.

The introduction of advanced purification treatment facilities
Waterworks in Chiba Prefecture we have introduced advanced water treatment to "Chiba nogiku-no-sato water purification plant" are up and running since 2007.
Since I have described on this page, this overview, firstly please see the.here So, I will explain in detail how this works.

And advanced water treatment, water treatment technology refers to a combination of ozone contact pond pond and activated carbon adsorption.
You can be the combination of the two, we further delicious water.
These two are introduced in pairs. In other words, it is that if there is an ozone contact pond, that there must be a pond activated carbon adsorption.
This is, I think I can understand if you look at the description in the future.

I'll explain from first pond ozone contact.

A ozone, oxygen in the air is an oxygen atom have been configured for the two together, the oxygen atom is composed of three together.Because there is a very strong oxidizing power, there is a bactericidal action, bleaching, deodorization, and decomposition of organic matter.In addition, the decomposition in the air now, is toxic and harmful to the human body, it is also me.
In the water purification takes advantage of the properties of these ozone.

Mechanism of ozone generator

To generate ozone, utilize the oxygen in the air.
Through a silent discharge ozone generator (ozonizer) the oxygen in the air.
The silent discharge, oxygen molecules are broken down into two oxygen atoms. The decomposed oxygen atoms, ozone recombine as consisting of three oxygen atoms at the same time.
It is for generating ozone in this manner.
Ozone is a pale blue gas shows. Ozone are occurring even vaguely I should be able to see the photo.
Sent ozone that caused, and to (tube for contacting the water with ozone in the surface area higher, put out the fine bubbles) trachea diffuser pond ozone contact directly, to oxidize the organic matter in the water by ozone coming out .
Substances that are decomposed to oxide is adsorbed by activated carbon adsorption pond which will be described next.


Silent discharge
Making an electrical discharge over a high voltage, with a spark. The "silent" is that the sound of the spark is not.