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Efforts to reduce the residual chlorine

It is more likely the person who experienced the smell of the pool that was in your tap water.So, in the tap water with chlorine bactericidal action is being injected.
However, I do not want to drink tap water chlorine odor.
We will introduce technical measures in order to alleviate this.

Multi-point injection of chlorine

Because they are required by law, such as in chlorine disinfection of tap water, you can not lose it.
Therefore, a large amount of chlorine in water treatment plants injection, rather than how far, in recent years, multi-point injection of chlorine it has become the mainstream.
A multi-point injection of chlorine, by installing the injection point of the chlorine distribution in the middle of the path, is a mechanism that can be secured at all points remaining amount of chlorine in low concentrations.

In order to introduce a large amount of chlorine in water treatment plants, usually chlorine injection method, it becomes able to provide a high chlorine concentration of water in the reference value even in part.

Such as using a water station, multi-point injection method of chlorine, we inject a small amount of chlorine at short intervals. Therefore, you can obtain a low water concentration at a point more chlorine.

In addition to that, by implementing something like the following, you will be able to continue to reduce the residual chlorine.

Continuous measurement equipment installation residual chlorine concentration

In order to promote the reduction of residual chlorine concentration, it is necessary to know at all times the concentration of residual chlorine in the water supply line.Thus, by properly installed continuous measurement equipment, to reflect management chlorinator granular measurement results, we are able to reduce the residual chlorine.

Fragmentation of the distribution area

By separating the water supply system than just one system, and the injection of chlorine separately in remote areas and areas close, so you can have more control over the injection volume, the reduction of residual chlorine concentration can be expected.

Construction of Control System "residual chlorine concentration

That on the basis of water quality information obtained continuously from a continuous measurement, fine-tune the amount of chlorine injection, to build a "control system residual chlorine concentration" in order to reduce control and the degree of elephant residual chlorine, additional residual chlorine I reduction is possible.

Adoption of low consumption of chlorine water pipe

By adopting a small tube chlorine consumption compared with a conventional tube, you can reduce the amount of chlorine injected.