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Virtual Water Trade

 From a global perspective it is ture that the virtual-water trade reduces the demand for water to grow crops.
The United States and Canada are the main exporters of virtual water. They export crops like wheat and corn to hotter countries where more water is required to grow the same quantity of crops.

But there are some countries which are suffering from because of virtual water trade. The most conspicuous example pf this is cotton growing counties. The Nile in Egypt and Sudan,
the Indus River in Pakistan, Murray river in Australia, Aral sea in Russia are the good examples. Cotton growing use one-third of total flow of the Indus River in one year. this is enough to dry up the Indus River.
And also coffee-growing country and sugar-growing country are suffering from serious water issues. We, Japanese is concerned with water issues in Pakistan by using T-shirt made by cotton from there. It is true that the virtual-water trade reduces water demand for growing crops globally, but it sometimes bring on water issues depend on the crops and counties.