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It is the introduction of the production member of this site.

This web site is made by 6 person in the next.

Collection of information:G.O
I try to introduce relation between water issues and disease clearly. We don’t use sites like “wikipedia” but books and specialist’s opinion to collect reliable information. I would like many people to know that water issues , food problem, and environment issues are closely related with each other.

Writing articles:A.B
Upon write articles, We referring to quite a few books and web site. In the huge document, it is too difficult to select collect information, and it makes me to study much.I am very thanks for other members made pages, which I was weak.

Image production:Y.N
Sometimes the end of the last minute deadline article creation, image with it, worked until midnight.I try to make a schematic diagram of the article, such as grasp at a glance to anyone. We were also allowed to borrow the figure towards the top with a permission to the author. I got to learn how to contact etc. at that time.

Research, production page:T.F
I was in charge and made link into the page of the article.In preparing the worksheet all of the site was confirmed.I had little knowledge about water issues, but I was able to go learned in the site involved in the preparation.I hope you'll be interested in a little water problems through this site to everyone.

Quiz production, production worksheet:R.T
I was responsible for creating quizzes spelled correctly check of all pages, and worksheets.Undertake the work, such as the members of the other can not even finish the other pages I tried to complete as soon as possible.I made quiz page not only seriously one but enjoyable one.

WEB design production:D.K
I also went to visit a purification plant in addition to the WEB design.I was able to not only create a page entirely, smoothly design also learned that content is also well-balanced. Thank you very much to the people of the village of wild chrysanthemum water purification plant in Chiba.