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Cause for disease

Infectious disease such as Cholera and Malaria spread in Southeast Asia and Africa.
These infectious diseases spread in Japan in 20century.
There is a difference between developing country and Japan.
It is that people who living Japan can see a doctor and get medicine.
If we spend doctors from Japan to infection area, Can we stay the spread of disease?
The answer is “NO”

Why infection disease spread in developing country?
The source of infection is bacillus living in water.
In developing country, people excrete in the river.
They use the river’s water for daily life.

The source of disease caused by inflecting mosquito such as Malaria is not inflected water.
But mosquitoes lay spawn in pool of water.
In developing country, there is not water supply and sewage system.
So there are a lot of pools of water.

We have to improve the water supply and sewage system to stay the spread of disease.