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Introduction of Chiba Nogiku-no-sato Purification plant

Location: 478-1 Kuriyama, Matsudo City
Land area: 12.5 hectares(125,021m2)
Water source: Tone River water system, Edo River
Water supply capacity: 60,000m3/day(246,000m3/day in the future)
Service area: Parts of 3 cities:Matsudo City, Ichikawa City, and Funabashi City

The Point of Facilities
Chiba Nogiku-no-sato (Wild chrysanthemums land) Purification Plant began a full-scale construction in 2002 and has put into commercial operation since october, 2007.

This plant has 60,000m3/day as water supply capacity and takes over the capacity of Kogasaki Purification plant which had commenced in 1940.

It supplies purified water to part of Matsudo City directly, and parts of Ichikawa City and Funabashi City through Kuriyama Purification plant.

Introductions of facilities

Outline of Chiba Nogiku-no-sato Purification Plant

So far, Page is about the intake facilities

So far, page is about clean water

Finally, we have described how the water supply.